Our characters will be real people. The already have a history and will react to all stimuli. I don't want to make it look like a burden, but as a therapy instead. The film is part of the healing process; of being aware of everything; of facing the world with the head held high; with wisdom.

I will have a person specialized in cancer patients working as a coach, so ensure the best and most harmonious contact among them, something intense, intimate, and respectful. This preparation will be very important so that they feel comfortable with the filming dynamics, the cameras, and the way we will work together throughout the process.

My idea is to follow up – through a documental point of view – the few days that precede the first chemotherapy session for three patients. They will be invited to take part of a documentary about the early moments of a patient's battle against cancer.

We will do a thorough search to find the patients who are willing to participate and support the documentary, as well as children who have already recovered from cancer and that can be trained and prepared to play the role in the structure of the film. We will also seek support from clinics, hospitals and medical centers that are also interested in supporting the film.