The first chemotherapy session is a crucial moment, full of fear, expectations, and is usually extremely scary. And so is the day before. There is another day though that usually turns one's life upside down: the day they are told they have cancer. Cancer is inevitably linked to death, to suffering. But it does not need to be like that.

Exploring the atmosphere of that moment (maybe with flashes of the preparations for the first session) will provide depth and density to the content. We did that in our exercise, and that has a purpose: preparation.

Our characters got ready for their first day of chemo. And their eyes point to the day they got the news. Catalyzing the tension that will turn into strength at the end is essential. As a matter of fact, the images have not been chosen by chance, they reflect what every patient, family member, and life partner go through alongside the person who is undertaking the treatment.